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Gabriela Geenen, née Streglova, was born on the 26thof October in 1973 in Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic. She grew up with her mother and her brother and she finished the junior high school and the college there.

The communistic system, which dominated society and culture in the Czech Republic at that time has rimited her intellectual world and her desire of freedom for uncensored communication. After the revolution Gabinka was 18 years old. The end of the revolution was a relief for her. Finally she could discover the free, western world.

She practiced her professional life in hotels, restaurants and in the tourism industry. Because of these places she kept in touch with various people from different countries. These encounters formed the expressions and messages in her later paintings:

My inspiration:  Impressions about memories of people and their encounters

With her Pop Art style, Gabinka expresses experiences, feelings and thoughts but also the effects of sex, power and pain. One of her central themes are her masterpieces accompanied by monsters and “the horned one”, both with a malicious smile or with the expression of the constant presence of good and bad in our daily life.

As a little girl, Gabinka often dreamed of monsters, because of her difficult childhood. The beholder of her Pop Art masterpieces will be captured by the play of colours which will inspire him to think about her pictures and about the hidden messages in Gabinkas paintings. To paint, draw and sketch always belonged to Gabinka’s life. Sometimes her subconscious mind turned inside out and manifested itself in her artwork :

Visions of the future: Pictures from my subconscious mind

Her first big private view in September 2012 in Lyss was seen by different art critics, visitors and the media.Gabinka and her little family have been living inSwitzerland since 1997. The expressions and the messages which are shown in her art and in her pictures are not limited. One thing which influenced Gabinkas life was the death of her mother in 2012. It showed her the limits of our existence but it also gave her the experience, how much such an emotional event can influence the expression of her paintings.


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